Kevin Keller

In pursuit of the deeper meanings behind everyday phenomena, composer and pianist Kevin Keller has created a unique body of original work that brings together acoustic and electronic instruments in a profoundly personal style. Tapping an eclectic array of 20th century musical and literary inspirations, from Debussy to Robert Frost, Keller's music transcends its influences and invites the listener into an unfolding adventure of self-discovery.

"As far back as I can recall, I've always had this curiosity about what's going on behind the surface of our world," explains the Southern California native and longtime San Francisco Bay resident. "In my travels through life, I've had unexpected glimpses of a greater meaning beneath our day-to-day existence. These revelations have led to greater insight into my own life, and they have filtered their way into everything I have written and recorded."

Elegantly balancing the sophistication of synthesizers and sequencers with the flesh-and-bone feel of piano, cello, and bass, Keller's music pulsates with a sense of mystery and wonder. Rippling melodies and shimmering harmonies stir romantic impressions, while washes of atmospheric sound, haunting drones, and meticulously crafted effects evoke the darker, more ambiguous moods of the human psyche. Time slows to a crawl, then rushes ahead; space contracts into a shadowy corner, then expands beyond any visible boundary; all with the intriguingly elastic momentum of Keller's imagination.